Fortnite: The Battle Royale Game That Got So Big It Broke The Internet

Fortnite, the battle royale game that got so big it broke the internet, has been a source of ongoing controversy. The game’s developer and publisher, Epic Games, has been at the center of numerous complaints and allegations from the US Federal Trade Commission, but despite all this, Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular titles on the market. In this article, we’ll dive into why Fortnite is such a hit and how it has managed to stay relevant in an ever-evolving gaming industry.

With developers and publisher Epic Games, numerous grievances and allegations from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fluttered in the past.
Now the infractions are expensive for the Fortnite designer with a penalty in record height.

Legendary Games: Company needs to pay a high punishment

Numerous very first people believe of the video game Fortnite if you hear the name Impressive Games.
This co-op survival shooter is played practically around the world and frequently supplied with new content.
Here, however, the company apparently has not taken notice of all laws, which is why it now has to pay more than $500 million in a penalty (source: FTC).
The Fortnite developer was accused of several offenses.
On the one hand, they would have violated child defense law.
Epic Games would have collected the information of players under the age of 13 without the lawfully recommended authorization of the moms and dads.


In addition, the children and teenagers of the chat with adult players would have harmed due to hazards, harassment and mentally traumatizing subjects.

As a solution, Impressive Games is now prohibited to enable language and text interaction for minors, unless an express approval of the moms and dads is readily available.
In addition, there was talk of billing practices that players of all ages caused unwanted purchases, which often resulted in a build-up of fees.
The FTC also accuses the fact that Legendary Games is stated to have actually blocked the accounts of gamers who objected to unauthorized debit with their charge card companies so that they had no access to bought material.
This will be forbidden from the business in the future.
In the end, Impressive Games now has to pay $275 million for the offense of child protection rights and $245 million as payment for those who have actually been lured to unsettle debit.
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Legendary Games assures improvement

Hardly surprisingly, Impressive Games sees things differently: The agreement has actually now been authorized since Epic Games would be at the top of customer security and want to offer the gamers the best experience.
The company has been working on changes for years to fulfill the expectations of the regulatory authorities (source: Epic Games).
We will continue to talk honestly about what the gamers can expect if they purchase something, we will make certain that reimbursements and cancellations are easy, and we will take security measures that help our ecosystem be safe and audiences of any ages
Is fun, states Impressive Games in a statement.