Tom Cruises Latest Mission Impossible: The Most Dangerous Shoot Of His Life

Tom Cruise is no stranger to performing daring stunts for his Mission Impossible movie franchise, but his latest stunt takes the cake! In this article, we will take a look at Cruise’s latest mission – a free fall from over 14,000 feet – and find out why this might just be the most dangerous shoot of his life.

In this 10-minute making of, broadcast in all the IMAX rooms in the United States in the preamble considering that December 15, we find all the phases of developing this definitely crazy waterfall.
From the concept that germinated from the mind of Tom Cruise (a kid’s dream he states) up until its awareness in Norway where an entire structure was developed specially for the jump, we know whatever that takes place
And possible threats to make this dive.
The ideal angle, the best distance, the right electronic camera, the good strategy, each small detail has actually been dissected upstream so that the result is spectacular and can thrill the public.
Since Tom Cruise is a man who knows how to speak to his audience, putting his life in danger in each brand-new film, for adrenaline, but also to continue to reach this status of an untouchable, respectable and highly regarded star
Go ahead of worldly, location to video, subtitled in French.

If the free fall of Tom Cruise upon waking this Monday early morning was inadequate for you, know that the actor published a brand-new video a couple of minutes earlier, exposing what is by far his most significant waterfall ever made in the cinema.


It is just his jump from the Angel on a bike performed for the Mission Objective Difficult 7 Dead Reckoning Part 1, arranged for July 14, 2023 in the movie theater.

A series that had currently visited the world during its execution in September 2020 in Norway and which had made it possible to see the risks that Tom Cruise took at that time.