How To Defeat The Giant Snowball In Fortnite

The Winter fest annual event has returned to Fortnite in 2022 with a new gift bag and a series of missions to help up the battle pass.
One of the missions makes you harm the players immediately after leaving a snowball, which requires a little preparation.
Here are the best locations to get out of a giant snowball and damage the players at the Fortnite Winter fest event.

One of the missions introduced for the second week of Winter fest 2022 is salt of a giant snowball and damages the players in 10 seconds, and requires 250 damage to complete the mission.
This search can only be done in the snowy parts of the map, obviously, but it requires a plan to achieve the best results quickly.

How to complete the Winter fest mission in Fortnite 2022?

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The northeast map section in Chapter 4 Season 1 is almost completely covered with snow, where you will complete this challenge.
The best locations to complete the mission would be brutal Bastion and Lonely Labs.
While there are other snowy points of interest that do not appear on the map, Brutal Bastion and Lonely Labs are the best options, since the players will fall into the two locations named.
While you can complete the challenge at any time during a game, the initial fall would be the best moment, since there will be the greatest number of players present in the place.
To make a snowball, use your peak on the snowy floor without other objects around until a giant snowball is formed and can roll.
Get on him with the x/square button, simply wait for someone to pass, then press the shot button to leave.
You want to be as close as possible to the location to get a wider field of objectives, but it will have to be cautiously sufficiently so that they do not kill it while the snowball forms.


That is all you need to know about the best locations to get out of a giant snowball and damage the players at the Fortnite Winter fest event.
Be sure to consult our other Fortnite guides, such as the complete list of Winter fest missions and all the rewards of the event.
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