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The Fan-Made League Of Legends Cyberpunk Neeko Skin Will Have You Wishing This Riot Skin Was Real

With the release of the new League of Legends map, Runeterra, it was only a matter of time before some fan made skins were released. One such skin is Need, who is a character from the setting. Designer also has a really cool cyberpunk-style design for the champion.

League of Legends has a large brochure of skin– but there’s always space for more.


The maker likewise connected a photo of Weeks concept art. The champion has a concept of a frog on her Tee shirts, while her body is covered in cloud-like tattoos in various colors. They added that parts of her body like her tattoos would glow up when she gets empowered. She likewise has a signature Need on the left forearm of her jacket.

With numerous skins being brought to League for many years, this one should have applause for its unbelievable detail.

The artist must’ve put a great deal of work into it given that it consists of in-game mockups and VFX for the fantastic skin. In this variation, the champ would be in a cyberpunk matched universe where she’s a cyborg, they discussed on Reddit.

The artist likewise connected an image of Need using her abilities, which mainly features yellow and blue colors. It displays a smiling face that beams with that Cyberpunk design when Need uses her supreme.

The skin is abundant in yellow, purple, and blue colors. Overall, the skin has sharp, visible edges around the champs coat and tail, which gives that Cyberpunk ambiance where characters frequently have visible custom-made changes to their skin and outfits.

A fan called GRSKVK on Leagues Subreddit added another skin to the Cyberpunk collection after producing a principle for a Cyberpunk-inspired Need.