The Los Angeles Lakers Have Several Trade Options Ahead Of Deadline Day

The Lakers are a franchise that has been around for decades. They have made many amazing players, been in so many great games, and have won so many championships. The team is a part of LA culture and has always been competitive with the best teams in the league. But this time they need to step it up, or they risk not getting any better and being left behind.

After a disastrous 0-5 start that devolved into a 2-10 record, the Lakers were rapidly trending in the incorrect instructions. It appeared the team would need to make huge transfer to turn things around.

The LA Lakers remain aggressive in their desire to upgrade their roster. The concern is: Which instructions will the Lakers choose a minimal quantity of traceable properties?

Ever since, the Lakers (11-16) have actually started to look like an entirely various group, however there’s still lots of work to be d1. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing at a remarkable level, the Lakers might make a push towards the playoffs. To do so, the front workplace might need to get another piece to help this roster.

Here’s a look at some potential trade options for the Lakers

The Lakers found themselves linked to the Pacers earlier this season. The reported conversations involved Myles Turner, Buddy Held and Russell Westbrook as potential trade pieces.

While a reunion could be unlikely, Burma would be a name for the Lakers to seriously consider. He’s set to be an expiring contract in 2023-24, with a cap hit of $13 million.

# 3, Terry Cozier

Could there be a possible Los Angeles reunion for Kyle Burma? It might seem a long shot, but Burma would be a huge addition.

Reddish has the talent, but his inconsistent play has left him as a prospective trade target. He’d be a deserving roll of the dice for the Lakers, as they need to add skill to their rotation. Reddish is balancing 8.4 RPG in just 21.9 minutes this year.

The Lakers require help on the offensive side of the ball, and Cozier has shown the capability to fill up the scoring column. Any possible trade for Cozier would most likely have to include Russell Westbrook in order to match contracts.

The veteran forward continues to be among the league’s most underrated gamers. After being acquired via trade from the Utah Jazz this off season, Bajan has been astonishing for the Pistons. He’s balancing 21.1 RPG, 3.7 RPG and 2.4 APG while shooting 43.2% from 3-point range.

# 4, Cam Reddish

Among the most commonly discussed trade candidates over the last several seasons has been Indiana Pacers big guy Myles Turner.

Top 5 potential trade choices readily available for the LA Lakers.

Burma spent the very first four seasons of his profession with the Lakers. He’s been with the Washington Wizards the last two years and has started to see his play reach another level. This year, Burma is averaging 21.4 points and 7.5 rebounds while shooting 34.3% from 3-point variety.

A prospective more affordable choice for the Lakers would be New York Knicks wing Webcam Reddish. The 23-year-old wing has revealed the possible to be one of the NBA’s leading scoring dangers.

# 5, Kyle Burma

# 2, Myles Turner

# 1, Bajan Bogdanović

Charlotte Hornets floor basic Terry Cozier might be a wild card alternative for the Lakers. Cozier has been impressive given that arriving to the Hornets in 2019. This season, Cozier is averaging 22.4 RPG, 4.9 RPG and 5.5 APG.


Any move for Turner would be a slam dunk for the Lakers. Turner is one of the league’s top shot-blocking big men. He’s averaging 17.6 RPG, 7.7 RPG and 2.3 BPG while shooting 55.5%.

In the last a number of weeks, Detroit Pistons wing Bajan Bogdanović has been a popular name tied to the Lakers. The Lakers won’t be alone, as Bogdanović might be one of the hottest targets on the trade market.

Because then, the Lakers (11-16) have begun to look like an entirely various team, but there’s still plenty of work to be d1. Burma invested the very first 4 seasons of his profession with the Lakers. Charlotte Hornets flooring basic Terry Cozier could be a wild card choice for the Lakers. The Lakers require help on the offensive side of the ball, and Cozier has revealed the ability to fill up the scoring column. Any relocation for Turner would be a slam dunk for the Lakers.