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Thoughts on the new G2 roster move?

The well-known roster-leaker Janos is back at it once again, this time suggesting yet another addition to the League of Legends roster of his previous group for next year.

Throughout a recent stream, Group Heretics jungle Janos– who previously bet G2 Esports for many years, having earned several titles with them in the LEC– appeared to leakage that Mike will be rejoining G2 as the teams support for the upcoming Winter Split. Janos has likewise leaked other modifications to G2s roster, consisting of the addition of Like to the teams’ jungle position, all of which have actually been advertised by G2 on the organizations main Twitter but not clearly confirmed.

Over the previous couple of months, G2 has announced the departure of a handful of its gamers, consisting of Janos, Targets, and Flanked, leaving fans unsure of what acquisitions the team would be making to participate in the LEC next year– which has gone through huge structural changes. It has been reported that Like, Mike, and Hans samey will be joining BrokenBlade and Caps to solidify the G2 roster for next year.


G2 has not yet formally confirmed any part of its 2023 LEC roster, though acknowledging Janos streams appears to offer credence to the various reports. It is expected that the group will announce its roster completely within the coming weeks, prior to the start of the 2023 Winter Season Split on Jan. 21.

Mike is one of the longest-standing members of the LEC who is still active within the scene. He was most just recently the support for Excel though invested nearly 4 years of his expert career starting for G2– having joined around the exact same time as Caps, who he might be playing alongside once more. He also significantly spent a year with Misfits, where he land with Hans samey, though the two have actually not been a part of the very same group for a number of years.