The Dark, Twisted Vision Of The Worlds Most Celebrated Game Director Is Coming To Netflix

Japanese game director Kojima, famous for its film.
Through the Metal Gear Series and Death Stranding, he showed deep stories and movies, and he approached his dream.
Kolyma’s first game, Death Stranding, is finally filmed.

Overseas film media deadline reported today’s ‘Death Stranding’ filming of Kolyma Productions.

The production is played by the Hammer stone Studio, which produced Excellent Adventure 3.
Allan UNBAR, who will support the full amount of Hammer stone Studio, will support Mandate, Uncharted Fan Film, and Jihad Swap, and will be a general producer.


Kolyma Video, the director and director of the original game, is also in shooting.
It has not been disclosed exactly what kind of expression to participate in, but since it participated in the entire development, including the script of the original, it is likely to participate in the script.

More information about the movie ‘Death Stranding’ is unknown.
Synopsis, stories, as well as what actors participate are undecided.
In the case of the original game, the actors participated in the motion capture, and Norman Leaders in Sam Porter Bridge, May Michelson in Cliff, Leah CDU in Free, and Guillermo del Too in Deadpan.
As Troy Baker participated, the appearance of actors in the game is also increasing.

Meanwhile, Kolyma Video said, I am very happy to be able to join Hammer stone Studio with Hammer stone Studio.
He said.

Levi Beach, general manager of Hammer stone Studio, said, I am happy and honored to be the opportunity to become the first partner of Kolyma Productions.
It will be, and it will be the work of Kolyma Video.