Hardrefill, The Inappropriate: How To Defeat Berserker In Svalfheim

The difficulty of Berserkers is quite variable, hard refill, the insensitive, is not easy, but is still clearly one of the most affordable bosses in God of War Ragnarök.
You can find it when you get out of the cart after taking the Draper spear.
In the area just south of Modvitnir’s extractor, on the map of Waldheim.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all others dedicated to bosses and berserkers, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all other levels of challenge as well.


The favor worthy of a king is a secondary task that is automatically catches during the main mission The Word of Destiny (made in Midgard).
We explained more about this in the guide below Friend, the fervent.

What equipment do you use against hard refill?

  • There are no major level requirements for this Berserker at least if you have not neglected your equipment.
    If his life bar is red, we advise you to give up and come back later.
  • You can use any weapons you want, it really doesn’t matter here.


A spare shield can make your life easier with him.
Remember to buy a rune from the blacksmith’s resurrection before attacking the fight.
We advise equipping the Dodge Emblem enchantment in the Yggdrasil amulets.

Hard refill: List of attacks and how to combat them

Hard refill, the insensitive, is a very simple mechanically struggle, there is no special strategy to be adopted, no really complicated skills.
Just manage the attacks well, in order to limit the damage received, as it has a lot of life.
We suggest that you take time to master each attack as good as possible, as you will find them all in the next Berserkers, which will also be much more difficult.
Similarly, we also find some attacks of the other Berserkers, such as Friend, in this fight, such as air dive (yellow attack) that is easy to divert when it comes to you.
If you are not confident in your tricks, simply Esquire.
There is also the hero’s landing (red attack) that simply requires you to roll shortly after Berserker disappears from the screen.
You can prepare yourself mentally for this, as it always uses it after one or two heels backwards.
It’s a cruel combination that can get you by surprise when chased, so be aware.
At the end of the fight, he can use this skill several times in a row (three or even more).
Double blow (yellow/normal attack): What makes this boss easy is predictability.
Hard refill has only one melee attack, so you always know that you expect after air diving or landing.
It starts with a guard eaking attack and continues with a normal attack.
Taking the first attack is possible, but will not interrupt Berserker, so if you are not confident of your ability to trim, it is best to avoid it and trim/block only the second attack.
For the weak repertoire and high predictability, the fight against Hard refill, the insensitive, will only be complicated if Rates is under level.
If Berserker’s health bar is not showing a high level, you will hardly have trouble defeating the boss.