Epic Games Announces The Winners Of Epic Mega Grant and More Information

Epic Games Korea (CEO Sung-Chul Park), a Korean corporation of Epic Games, which provides everything for Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creation Ecosystem, is in more than 1,800 projects in 92 countries around the world for about four years from 2019 to this year.
EPIC MEGAGRAMS said on the 14th that it was supported.

supports the project that contributed to creative and innovative projects and open source 3D graphic ecosystems produced by Unreal Engine for game developers, enterprise experts, media and entertainment producers, students, educators and tool developers.
The selected project provides subsidies from at least $5,000 (about 64 million won) to up to $500,000 (about 640 million won), and the conditions and constraints such as IP ownership, publishing, and repayment of funds are completely

Mega Grant also offers benefits such as free hardware of selected partners, AWS Activate credit, and marketing support, such as AMD, AWS, Intel, and Movie AI to further develop projects as well as development donations.

In addition, more benefits will be provided in the future, such as the addition of free licenses and premium accounts of the Capturing Reality and Sketch Fab.

This year’s selection is a variety of projects, including games, movies, TV & live events, architecture and other industries, education, and open sources, including indie games, and real estate megabus implemented in digital twin.
It was selected worldwide.

Meanwhile, seven works such as Indie Games, VR projects, and drama series were selected as Epic Mega Grant this year.

Domestic developers who have been supported by Mega Grant include New Core Games, Names Studio, Smile gate Entertainment, Urban Wolf Games, AUD One Games, West World, and Project Cloud Games.


New Core Games is a multi-platform 2.5D stylish action game, Devil Wig din: Saga, and Names Studio has been supported by Epic Mega Grant for PVP Survival Mafia Game .
Smile gate Entertainment is the first VR cooperative shooting game of Crossfire IP, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, Urban Wolf Games is a VR action role-playing game
It is supported by the survival online game , Which deals with cooperation or competition.

West World has realized the unknown space of the universe and moon by using the Income VFX technology based on LED walls of Unreal Engine in the production of the Netflix original SF drama .
Project Cloud Games has been supported by Mega Grant for Soul Lake Action Games based on Korean traditional concepts.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, Epic Games supports creative activities of creators around the world through Epic Mega Grant based on the philosophy that everyone should be able to freely produce high-quality real-time 3D content.
I congratulate the domestic developers who have been supported by Epic Mega Grant, and I hope that more domestic developers who develop creative and innovative projects will support and benefit.

For more information about Epic Mega Grant, please visit the official Unreal Engine website.