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The 7 Steps To Defeat your First Boss FRAEKNI

Instead of Valkyrie, God of War Ragnarök ought Berserkers as the challenging enemies of the game.
They are scattered through the map of some kingdoms.
It is necessary to eliminate 12 Berserkers to gain access to their king.
The MGG debut in this article the series of texts on how to defeat each of these powerful monsters.
We will start with Friend, the fervent.
Located in Midgard, Friend is one of the weaker Berserkers, so an excellent option to get used to these enemies.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to the heads that will follow, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all levels.


When you finally step on Midgard with Freya to look for the horns, you will surely put your hands on the inert fist of Skinning.
Don’t worry, the game’s story will take you to the place and make you get the item.
When collecting the fist, a favor called worthy of a king will be activated.
With this, the Berserkers bombings will be marked on the map.
Just go to the place and activate the tombstone.
An arena will come up, and you will have to battle a Berserker (more than one in some cases).
These fights are totally optional as you don’t have to complete them to finish the game.
Some are more difficult than others, with high equipment requirement.
The last of the 12 Berserkers can only be found after zeroing the main campaign.
After eliminating everyone, go back to the king’s tomb in Midgard.
Right where you found the inert fist of Skinning.
Activate the tombstone to have the long awaited confrontation against King Berserker.
By defeating it, you will win one of God of War Ragnarök’s best relics.

FRIEND: List of attacks and how to combat them

It is a relatively simple and direct fight, just deal with the boss’s attacks and counterattack whenever possible.
We advise keeping the Spartan fury to the end of the combat, as Friend will chain red attacks at full speed.
Other than that, Boss’s attack repertoire is very limited, and you will find three of her attacks on several other Berserkers, so think about it as a practice.


Small (Normal Attack): An easy blow to see coming.
It’s very slow, so you can trim or simply divert to counterattack.
Powerful blow (red attack): Easy to see coming too, as it is always used in melee, this blow produces an explosion on impact, but the area of effect is limited.
The ideal is to make a diagonal scroll to finish behind the boss, taking the chance to counterattack.
Fast load (red attack): The fervent usually walks away while carrying, before moving, attacking again.

A side dodge allows you to avoid it easily as long as you are fast.
Diving attack (yellow attack): When it is far away, Friend sometimes jumps in the air before running to you and sweeping the area with the ax.
If you don’t want to take risks, dodge the right.
However, we advise you to learn the moment of this attack to stop you on arrival, which will give you a good opportunity to attack later.
As many Berserkers use a similar attack, this is a good training to master the technique.