Extension Fortnite Bush Warrior, explanation

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, players can experience a new system of improving reality, which gives certain improvements for certain aspects of the game.
Bush Warrior is one of them, and it is classified as strengthening mobility and intelligence.
The players will have the opportunity to choose this improvement in the game, and it is very important to know how to use it to win opponents.
Here’s how to use the enhancement of the Bush warrior in Fortnite, chapter 4, season 1.

How to use the addition of Warrior Bush in Fortnite

Bush Warrior belongs to the category of mobility and intelligence and allows players to restore health and partial shields, hiding in large foliage.
Players who prefer the passive style of play can effectively develop a strategy to maximize the strengthening of the Warrior of the Bush.
Hiding in the bushes is one of the oldest tricks in Fortnite, and now it will allow you to restore health with this expansion of reality.
Players can combine this ability with various other improvements to survive longer.

For example, players can use the Forecast addition to see where the next circle will be, and quickly visit this area.
Hide in the bushes in this area and wait until the opponents are suitable.
You can jump out or shoot them from the bushes, not too worried about healing.
Nevertheless, players should keep in mind that the improvement of the warrior Bush restores health at a speed of 2 lakes per second.
The Bush Warrior combination with Forecast is a brilliant trick that allows you to always know where the zone will be, and you can effectively avoid the battle, hiding in the bushes.
It sounds excellent, but the Warrior of Bush has several drawbacks.


Only 50 shields will restore in the bushes.
In the same way, not all types of foliage are suitable for strengthening the bush warrior, and you need to find large grass and large bushes to hide in them.
Experiment with these improvements and combine them in accordance with your game style this season.
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