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How to open a hunter safe in Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 is one of the best head games, since each action in it enhances excitement and call and requires players with complete observation and critical thinking.
When you delve into the house of a local hunter, you will have to show ingenuity and prepare to assemble a broken card to open a buried safe, which contains the key necessary for the museum.
This is how you can successfully solve all the necessary puzzles.

where to get all parts of the card code in Hello Neighbor 2

After you dug up safely from the outside with a shovel on the roof of the house, now you need to find out how to open it.
This requires a five-digit code, each of which corresponds to its color.
If you look at the cork board on the wall in the hunter’s bedroom, you will notice that there are five different colored pins that correspond to the colors on the dials of the safe.
This broken card will ultimately show the code that you need.
The first part is already there, which means that you will need to find four more parts.
All parts of the map are hidden around the house in different places.
Some of them will require you to solve a certain puzzle or access to a blocked space.
It is easiest to find a piece in a locked chest under the stairs.
To get this part, you first need to find the key to the chest.
The key is hidden inside the hunter’s pillow on his bed, so you need your scissors ready to cut and extract it.
Then go down the stairs to the lower level and use scrap to tear off several boards that block the path to the chest.
Then you can unlock it and take a piece.

How to get a piece of a card from the mouth of a bear in Hello Neighbor 2

You will find another piece of the map, stuck in the mouth of one of the status of a bear to make the bear release a piece, you will need to find the missing lever or, in this case, replace the lever in stock.
To do this, go to the lower level of the house where the corresponding bear statue is located and turn it off.
Place the bear switch in the side room at the main level.
Now you can click the switch and grab a piece from the mouth of a bear.

How to open a microwave hunter in Hello Neighbor 2

Looking at the microwave located in the kitchen, you can find another piece stuck inside.
To open a microwave oven, you will need a little effort.
You will need to activate four boar heads to unlock it.
You will find the first cut of a boar right above the microwave oven.
Eyes will glow green after activating the symbol that is turned on.
However, you need to launch and activate the other three before he returns to its original position.
This is where you can find them all:
The head of the wild boar 1: Above the microwave in the kitchen.
The head of the wild boar 2: at the main level, in the side bear room, hangs high on the wall next to the upper beams.


  • The head of the boar 3: at the lower level, hangs on the wall.
  • The head of the board 4: on the top floor, hangs high on the wall next to the beams.

How to fix the letters on the farmer refrigerator in Hello Neighbor 2

To get the last fragment of the card, you need to fix a couple of horns hanging on the wall that opens the secret compartment in the nearest bookcase, where this fragment is hidden.
To do this, you need to find a way to open the refrigerator in which the missing horn is located.

You will notice that there are no three letters in the refrigerator name.
These letters are hidden throughout the house, and you need to find them to open the refrigerator.
This is where you can find them all:
B: In the lateral bear room, on the plate on the wall high in beams near the hanging horns.
F: Under the toilet cover in the bathroom at the main level (right on the left below the stairs).
C: On the roof of the house, a bucket of yellow paint on top.
Place all the letters on the refrigerator, and it will open and reveal the missing horn.
Then you can fix a couple of horns that activate the secret department and allow you to get the last part of the card.
Now you can return to the cork board and try to assemble a broken map again.

How to open a hunter safe using a card code in Hello Neighbor 2

When the first part is already on the board, you can start collecting a map like a puzzle, building the correct edges and creating the correct shape of the rectangle.
This should look as shown in the image above, if you have all the parts in the right places.
Now you can use this card to decipher the code to the safe from the outside.
You must pay close attention to the color of the pins in each part and number of each.
The order of color dials on the safe is what you use to determine the correct order of numbers.
The colors at the safe are in the following order: blue, purple, white, red and green.
Given what you will enter the safe:
Blue: 8
Purple: 0
White: 1
Red: 6
Green: 4

It should look like this: 8-0-1-6-4.
The safe will automatically open as soon as you correctly enter the numbers in the safe.
Then you take the key from the inside and get ready to return to the museum.
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