How to activate reality improvement in Fortnite

One of the changing rules of the features of Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 is the expansion of reality.
The new function allows users to get random passive ability during the match.
These privileges vary from a faster reload to the movement of your car without fuel consumption.
To get a passive ability to increase reality, you need to stay alive in the match until the increase in reality is expired, and the game will not offer you benefits.


You can check your inventory to see an increase in reality Timer.
After time, the game will offer you two random abilities.
You can either activate any liability, or completely transfer another set.
Press LKM or RT for the selection and activation of any specified additions.

After acquiring/activating any perk, the perks will remain with you until the end of the game or until you are destroyed by other players.
At the moment, the game has 22 different abilities, and you can fold up to 4 perks in one game.

How to outplay your improvements in reality in Fortnite

Sometimes you may not want passive skills to be at your disposal, since they are random and may not match your game style.
In such cases, you can transfer reality ages.
The first roll will be free for everyone, and the subsequent ones will cost 100 gold ingots.
You can keep E on the keyboard or X on the game pad for the re-throw in front of the reality supplement menu.
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