Genshin Impact: Forgotten character should finally return to banners


One of the most awaited moments by Genshin Impact fans is the revelation of character prayer banners, it is the moment when players find out if that long-awaited character will return and whether it’s worth starting in the game to get it. But with so many characters, not everyone goes back to the banner often, some end up forgotten for a long time. As is the case of HU Tao, the five stars introduced in Life in version 1.3 has not appeared for 10 updates, the last time in November 2021.

However, leaks indicate that the wait is over and version 3.4 will ing duo as one of the highlights. The heroin should return with the planned patch for the beginning of 2023.

HU Tao made history with his oblivion, becoming one of the few characters to be forgotten for so long to the despair of his fans. The reason for Life resident was so long removed is unknown, it is not known if it was due to profitability, intentional omission or something else.

The end of so much waiting?

Accounts known for leaking information about the game, and most of the time, rumors are confirmed, pointed out that duo should return to patch 3.4. But Hoovers will only reveal the special program, the live presentation of the version. In addition, the character should be accompanied by two other news: al-Haytham and Taobao should join the game list in early 2023. It is also believed that Hence, Ayala, Elan or Xiao can also return.

Only al-Haytham, HU Tao and Taobao (4 ✰) have leaked reliably to 3.4. If you are interested in a possible return from Hence/Ayala/Elan/Xiao at 3.4, wait for more reliable information before accessing version 3.3. It is possible. Don’t be unprepared, he published the account known for leaking information from the game.