How to find a secret path to a nursing home in Soccer Story

In Soccer Story, players fall into various areas that are originally blocked or inaccessible. The nursing home is one of these areas, and you can get access to it by finding a secret path. You will need to perform several actions to unlock such areas similar to the unlocking field. Here’s how to find a secret path to the nursing home in Soccer Story.

How to open a secret path to the nursing home in Soccer Story

Along the perimeter of the elderly house, players will find three pressure pillows with a distinct marking. You will notice that these marks represent the sun, moon and stars. You must stand on these pressure pillows, following the right order to open the secret path. The correct order of these symbols can be seen on the roof of the building of the nursing home.

Players can unlock the secret path, first standing on the stars of the pressure pillow, then the sun then the moon. The pressure panel with the stars is located to the left of the entrance to the nursing home, and the sun and the moon on the right. Take one at a time on them, and you will notice that one of the trees goes down, opening the secret path.

How to Pass the Laser Field in the Northern House in Soccer Story

The secret path in the nursing home is protected by a laser field. Later hit that you will need to start the course from the very beginning. These lasers operate for about three seconds, and it is at this time that players should move. In addition, you can break the middle laser, aiming at it and shooting the ball. Keep the right joystick to aim, click B or the area to shoot with the ball into the middle laser shown in the image above. Having overcome the laser field, you can enter the nursing home through a broken wall behind the building.

How to find a token of improving shooting in the nursing home in Soccer Story

As soon as you find yourself in the garden of the nursing home, talk with the NPC sitting on the bench. He asks the players to open the chest to find a token of improving shooting. This can be used to improve the characteristics of the shooting of your character. After it is improved, you will shoot on the ball further with greater force, and this is necessary to complete the mini-game with the bar, which follows.


To find a token of improving shooting, players need to enter the nursing home through the rear gates. You cannot see this gate, but going beyond the wall, an invitation appears to enter. Look at the first image to see where you need to stand so that this invitation appears. Enter through the gate and interact with the chest inside to unlock the token of improvement of shooting.

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