LOL: to win Worlds to jail; Toyzs sad story, half of Taipei Assassins

After telling, you months ago that Toy, former mid-medium Assassins and winner of Worlds in the second season of League of Legends, was arrested, a sentence has finally been ruled. The former player himself declared himself guilty of these crimes and his sentence will be four years and two months in prison, although this sentence may resort to.

It must be remembered, that according to Taiwan’s law, the crime of drug trafficking is considered serious, and the consequences can range from a high economic fine to imprisonment. When it was imputed for several crimes related to this branch, LAU Was Kin, the real name of Toy, has been sentenced with seven other people, who helped him in this plot, with prison sentences.

to reach the top at the lowest in a matter of years

For League of Legends users who started late in the game or that did not follow the first international tournaments at a competitive level, Toy was one of the most prominent and acclaimed players of that Taipei Assassins. More than 10 years ago, when he led the team in one of the most historical tournaments and exploits achieving the title of World Champion, with such iconic characters as Brianna, a champion to which the commemorative Skin dedicated to the title.


The Taiwanese has been professionally playing since 2015, but still worked for League of Legends with live broadcasts and videos for YouTube. He was also in other manager or coach teams, such as the case of G-Rex, which was the last professional League of Legends team in which he was.

Unfortunately, and as in several cases it happens in traditional sport in which many players are ruined or spoiled, the world of electronic sports shows us how complicated it is often assimilating success or how to move from a very good stage at the level of competition to another in which you stop competing and pass in many cases to anonymity or to the background.