The Callisto Protocol h not cut content to include it a payment dlc, insists the study


Now that we know the content of the expansion ps of The Callisto Protocol, some doubts, probably reonable, have not stopped emerging, about why it h not been included in the be version. We speak in particular of a content that h caught attention such the new death animations, since after the launch of the game, no less than 13 new will arrive.

That said, the CEO of Striking Distance and director of the game, Glen Schofield, h sured on Twitter that it is at all about trimmed content.

For being clear: we have not cut anything from the main game to include it in the seonal ps, said Schofield. In fact we have not even started working on this content y People love deaths, that is why they have been highlighted.

everything that will include the seon ps

It w yesterday when we could know the content that will gradually arrive for the holders of the seon ps of The Callisto Protocol. In addition to those 13 new death animations we can find great surprises new game modes: contagion and disturbances. The first will consist of a kind of extreme survival, with even less ammunition, permanent death and less health, while the second will be nothing but a horde mode where dozens of enemies.

The Callisto Protocol will arrive on December 2 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.