The Callisto Protocol is confirmed the lt ball of the year in its launch trailer

A spacecraft that crhes. Alien eggs. Robots Operations in clandestine operating rooms. Orange monkeys. Bars. Epidemics. EMISSIONS. Knives. Monsters And blood, above all a lot of blood. The Callisto Protocol is already ready for departure on December 2 and h demonstrated it with a spectacular launch trailer. In him, and with the song Lost Again by Kings Elliot in the background, Striking Distance Studios shows all the benefits of the game and confirms it the cherry icing, the final Tracey, the lt 2022 ball.


The Callisto Protocol is a third-person fear game that places us in the future at 300 years and puts us on the skin of Jacob Lee, prisoner by mistake of the Black Iron prison, a denial of maximum security located in Callisto, one of The many moons of Jupiter. At the entrance to the prison, the inmates begin to transform into monstrous creatures and Jacob is forced to break through the installation to escape and discover the dark and disturbing secrets around that place.

Developed by Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, the game is so gore that he h been canceled in Japan, where they tried to censor him and his creators refused, and so strong that Isaac Clarke h already won that battle. In Striking Distance Studios they are so sure of the project that they already think about their sequela and have even promised 4 years of DLC content for this delivery. If it is so scary, brutal and fun it seems, welcome.

In Meditation we were fortunate to try it a few months ago (curiously, the Striking Studio headquarters is in the city of Zaragoza) and our first impressions could not be more positive. We are facing one of the covered of the year.