How to find water stones in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Evolutionary stones seem to have different fishing methods in each game. In some games they could be bought, and in others they could only be found in the ordinary world. Fortunately, water stones are one of the simplest evolutionary objects that can be found in the Pale region. Most likely, they will be the first to face the coaches when Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will be held.

where to find water stones in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

There are many ways to get water stones in the Pale region, but perhaps the fastest way is to go to the beach in front of the city of Levine. There will be a couple of trainers on the beach to fight, as well as several paydays, Marries and other water types that wander around. Coaches will want to find brilliant objects on Earth here: there is a high probability that these are water stones. Using this method, you can raise up to three water stones.

It is important to note that the coaches here have Pokémon of about 26th level. However, coaches gain access to this area immediately after the Academy July. If the level is lower, coaches can always just go behind several water stones, and then leave before entering any battles.

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Another way to get water stones is just to buy them. Deli bird Presents stores that appear in several places in Pale will sell evolutionary stones at $3,000 each after the coach receives three icons.

In addition, players can always get water stones in Cascara, where the water-type gym is located. Coaches must definitely see several water stones on the ground, just as they can be found in the city of Levinson. However, Cascara appears much later in the game, so, probably, this will not be a great option for coaches who receive the early Eleven or Sheller, which they need to develop.


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