CSGO: The maximum fury of Furious Gaming gives the ticket to the grand final of the Unity League

A battle for the pass to the grand finale within the Unity League where Furious Gaming and River Plate Gaming teams seek to take the victory, after several weeks and very intense clashes we reach this point where only one can be triumphant within the Battle to seek to get the advance, now we will see who takes the glory in this best of three.

Starting at a Mirage map that begins interestingly with a River team that begins by taking the lead to be able Calmed to start getting rounds little by little that bring him closer to the score of the opposites, but it would be Kaiser who took the advantage to turn the result to give the map to FG.

In the second stage we have Dust where the start was quite interesting because the millionaire squad would take a quick advantage from the beginning of the game to put several rounds on its side, but the skull would react in a good way, however, the team of the team of River would not let something similar to that of the first map since Richard will refuse the opponents to tie the series.


For the closure of the meeting we arrived at Ancient that this time would have more interesting proposals on the side of the skull that seeks to advance the contest in a better way to be more comfortable, but things would be very couples until we can see an Andrew hitting All bullets in the right times to generate the possibility of victory that ends up taking FG.

The series ends with a complicated triumph for the Furious Gaming team that had to play all the rounds in all possible maps to be able to take the series and with it the pass for the grand finale of next week, on the other hand River Plate will have What to expect rival between Ve lox and Boca Juniors Gaming that play for the pass for the final of the lower bracket, a tournament that has given great show and awaits the last protagonists.