Restricted zone in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: How to get three stars and all the locations of the information fragments

Restricted zone is one of the cooperative missions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. They are located in the lower area of the multiplayer modes’ menu, just under the campaign. Like the latter, you need to install additional packages. Then I tell you how to get three stars and where to find all the fragments of information.

Restricted zone in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

The Low Profile Operation is a mission in which you should cross a huge map with vehicles to be able todestroy 3 locations of Sam turrets . The stealth is over low. On this occasion, the bullets of the enemies will whistle around your head… so prepare your best weapons for action.

Now that you know what the objective of the operation is, you should point out the requirements to get the three stars of the mission:

And how to get the three stars? This question has multiple answers, which I present in the form of tips.

The fragments of information are pen drives and hard drives distributed throughout the map. In restricted zone there are a total of 20 fragments. Many of them are in hidden areas and may have been the case in the same building. The images can be confusing, so I recommend taking a 100% YouTube guides to the video of the creator.

In summary: The restricted zone mission is long and can get tired enough after several attempts. The good thing is that it develops on a map that is a hall, so it does not have much loss. Remember to make several attempts to recognize the mission, get stars and all information fragments. You don’t have to do everything in it.