Ragnarok x

Participate in the G -Star main session on the theme of SIEK God of War Ragnarok

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SEEK) announced on the 11th that it will participate in the G-STAR 2022 main stage session, which is scheduled to be held in Susan BEX CO on the theme of PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4, which was released on the 9th.

The session will be held for 1 hour from 4 pm on November 19th, and DEFCON, known as a fan of God of War Series, will participate in the panel. Starting with a surprise greeting video of God of War Ragnarok developer Santa Monica Studio, the entire session will be held in the order of DEFCON and Friendship Ying’s gameplay and other events. The session is streamed in real-time online on the Twitch G-Star channel.


In addition, SEEK plans to set up a quiz event for fans. The quiz will be composed of God of War Ragnarök title and PlayStation® Plus.