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They report special editions of War: Ragnarok incomplete

A couple of months ago, several PlayStation users reported problems with sending the special edition of the last of us part i. Now, something similar is happening with God of War: Ragnarök _. In social networks, multiple users have revealed that their $200 packages do not include the game in question.

According to Push Square, several users have indicated that the special edition of god of War Ragnarök includes everything promised, less the download code to enjoy the new Rates adventure , and instead a code was added of additional DLC armor. In other cases, some players have mentioned that their packages do not include the steel book that was promised.

At the moment, PlayStation has not issued a statement about it. Considering that we are talking about the game on this occasion, and not a small blow in the box, fans have not taken this error in a quiet way, and have begun to demand that the objects that they lack are sent as soon as possible, Something that makes sense considering that they already paid $200 for the package.

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Editor’s note:

This is already becoming a constant with the special editions of PlayStation. If this continues like this, I doubt that people are more willing to spend large amounts of money for an incomplete package.