CSGO: Boca Juniors manages to fall to Ebea2 to continue alive in the unity league

Looking for survival within the Unity League in this final phase where the teams that played yesterday do not have an extra life, seeking to handle the nerves and be able to take a blunt victory within this phase we have the battle between Boca Juniors Gaming against Ebea2 To be able to advance through the lower bracket towards the final stage of this great event that is being lived.

Starting on a map of Overpass where the Bonita team would have the first proposal aggressively when taking several rounds in their favor that would shake their rivals in each of them leaving a wide advantage for them, the ability to MRN1 was very good to overthrow the opponents and making clear the skill of the squad to be able to finalize things in his favor to have the advantage of the first scenario.

For the second map Dust he was chosen so that the Ebea2 squad will seek The rivals could answer in the same way in the situation, having a He present in the contest to paste several sniper shots to knock the opposites leaving the possibility of closing the match for mouth and taking the series.

Finishing with two quite solid thread victories the Boca Juniors team remains in the fight to seek to reach the great final of the playoffs, despite not having the extra life mattress we could see a great deployment of Skill and next week you will have to face the Ve lox team to advance to the next stage of the tournament knowing that it will be a complicated duel.