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Marvel Snaps perfect deck to take advantage of Black Panthers new letter

Unlike the rest of Marvel games that we have seen so far, it seems that Marvel Snap is very clear that he wants to take advantage of the wave of the premieres that arrive at the cinema, so November has all the numbers to become the month of Black Panther in Marvel Snap .

To whom you are already elucidating with how to take advantage of the new letter of Marvel Snap of the new season-coinciding with the launch of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11-Seguro that this deck interests you.

The best Black Panther de Marvel Snap

As we know after the filtration of the new cards of the next season of Marvel Snap , the arrival of Black Panther means grabbing a Cost 5 letter and strength 4 whose ability will allow us to fold the power of the power of The letter when revealed.

You already know what that means, it is time to snort the power of the letter as much as possible while in our hand and pull the grace of Odin to finish bursting the table reaching the greatest possible power for this and the rest of Letters at stake.


The idea behind the deck we have mounted is reduced precisely to that, to try to take advantage of powers such as Okay, Forge, Nadia, Hulk Buster, Wong and Arnie Zola to end a Black Panther as checked as possible.

Not to stay too much if we are not lucky when stealing, the rest of letters like White Tiger, Jessica Jones or Odin himself assure us a good hand during the last shifts to try to turn the game. I leave you with the deck.