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[Past article lookback] GAME*Sparks recommended 3D dungeon! Witch and Lily is a topic

Pick up recent popular articles from 3D dungeon related articles published in GAMESpark! The 3D dungeon game that boasts a certain popularity now and in the past. The act of diving into a dark dungeon gives the sense of being an adventure…! I guess there are many fans. In this article, we will introduce the DRUG related articles published in the last six months in a ranking format.

This ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from May 01, 2022, to November 03, 2022 . Please check out the topic 3D dungeon.

2022 This is a ranking that is compiled with its own points based on the number of accesses related to the 3D dungeon RPG during the period from May 01 to November 03, 2022.

20th place Wizardly Garden Five Trials significant update! DLC’s Mercy and Combat Prisoner Delivery is also decided-The lowest 15%off sale [GAMES COM 2022]: 32 Pt.

Depending on the support of the user, there will be various plans in the future.


19th place Yuri Dungeon RPG Witch and Lily CF support exceeded 13 million yen! ARMS Yogi Kanagawa’s participation in the monster design is clearly: 33 pt.

On October 31, the end of CF is approaching! The design of the character Sir Money created as a result of CF has also been released.



18th place Japanese-style 3D dungeon RPG Remaining month’s chain shrine-LABYRINTH OF RANGES- STEAM store page released! The Steam version will be released in 2023 winter: 35 pt.

The story of warriors who confront the ink that upset the world.


17th place Pizza official title Wizardry Variants Daphne revealed. What is the mystery of the long logo sword? [Column]: 36 Pt.

Wizardry Variants Daphne was officially announced. Did you feel the discomfort of the logo?


16th place Masterpiece Taken Juvenile ADV Remaster version Kowloon Demon Baku Taken I ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE Start on November 10: 36 Pt.

For remastered, new elements such as full voice of the main scenario part, remastered songs, and difficulty setting.


15th place Wizardry new work for mobile Wizardry Variants Daphne official announcement! The official website is also released, and to the 2022 release: 38 pt.

The official title of Wizardry Va (provisional) is Wizardry Variant Tsudhune!


14th place Yuri is the key to capture 3D dungeon RPG Witch and Lily! TGS exhibition & crowdfunding campaign: 62 pt.

The bond between girls becomes power! Sometimes a triangular relationship…?


13th place mouse is soft! Too hard classical style 3DDRPG JETTATURA distribution started: 64 pt.

The store page recommends preparing a pencil, granular paper, and a well-sharpened pencil shaving knife before playing your own map.


12th place up to 40 people + α group battle! First-person dungeon search Galleria’s Underground Labyrinth and Witch Non Brigade Steam distribution is decided on February 15, 2023: 66 Pt.

We will lead the labyrinth of the labyrinth by leading the witch no-donation CAVAM, which is composed of multiple characters.


11th place 90s Dungeon Crawl RPG DUNGEONS OF THE AMBER GRIFFIN Steam Page Release-Explore the mysterious archeological site that monsters wander: 70 pt.

In the near future, further trailers will be released and the Kickstarter page will be released.


10th place Japanese style × classical × 3D dungeon Hasura RPG Remaining month chain shrine-LABYRINTH OF RANGES- 1st release of the game: 71 Pt.

Japanese style x classical x 3D dungeon Hasura Monochrome RPG Remaining Monthly Shrine-LABYRINTH OF RANGES-. On September 29, the first detailed information such as the worldview, character creation, package, etc. of this work, which is scheduled to be released as a title for PS4/switch, was released.


9th place Yuri 3D dungeon RPG Witch and Lily Obtained 600%! Stretch goals such as switch versions and CV additions: 73 Pt.

Manga started serializing on Twitter.


8th place The conventional RPG strategy does not communicate with the character personality that is faithful to the original! ? A blessing to this wonderful world! ~ Conquest of the curse with the relics of the curse ~ adventurers-] Play repo: 78 pt.

The highlight is the character personality that is faithful to the original where the conventional RPG strategy does not work.


7th place Yuri Dungeon RPG Witch and Lily Croghan has finally exceeded 1000%of the target! The campaign is until October 31: 93 Pt.

A new dungeon hierarchy has been decided by stretch goal.


6th place Maiden who challenges the labyrinth, Yuri’s flower blooming bond is your heart! Relationship between characters 3D dungeon RPG Witch and Lily interview [TGS2022]: 94 Pt.

Yuri+3D dungeon RPG just announced the other day. It is also worth noting how the relationship of the character that the work is emphasized will be created.


5th place The Remaining Moon Shrine is a new WIZ follower work that allows beginners to enjoy the pleasantness of Than RPG! [Play repo]: 102 pt.

The good tempo and the character development of the character are good, and it is easy for beginners to play, with a good and mid-middle difficulty level.


4th place Dungeon search log type RPG Finding Hermit Hilda appeared in free software as an offline version-The next work will be developed: 154 Pt.

Mariachi has been participating in the development of Wizardry Online and Wizardry Skim.


3rd place I just need to have several friends enjoy it. Multiplayer dungeon Crowd RPG Evergrande Online Developer & Translator Interview [From the site of volunteer Japanese]: 162 Pt.

This project pursues volunteer Japanese. This time, we asked the developers and translators of the online multiplayer dungeon crowd RPG Evergrande Online, which gained explosive sales in Japan as a kick.


2nd place Dungeon RPG Galleria’s Underground Labyrinth and Witch Non Brigade Steam Store Page Released: 287 Pt.

The aim is to go through the 3D dungeon labyrinth by leading CAVAM, which is composed of multiple characters.


1st place Kenosha DRPG 2nd Bless this wonderful world! ~ Curse’s relics and confusing adventurers ~ System introduction PV release: 414 Pt.

Additional elements are also introduced.


Recently, Yuri DRPG Witch and Lily and the masterpiece light novel Kenosha IP work Bless this wonderful world!-Curse relics and confusing adventurers-] has become a hot topic. In addition, a significant update was also performed in Wizardly Garden’s Five Trial . We are looking forward to the 3D dungeon world that will continue to spread.