Destiny 2

Destiny 2 developers pointed out that a considerable number of PS5 users play the PS4 version. Please upgrade to the PS5 version

BUNGEE has released new information such as the abilities of this work on the official blog post on November 4 for the opening of the season 19 of Destiny 2 in December next month. Among them, the studio is calling for users who are playing this work on the PS5 main unit, calling for upgrading from PS4 to PS5 version, and seems to be attracting attention. Overseas media Kodak and others report.

Destiny 2 was released for PC/PS4/Xbox One in 2017. With the launch of PS5/Xbox Series X | S, the next-generation optimization version, the PS5/Xbox Series X | S version was released in December 2020. PS5/Xbox Series X | S owners of the PS4/Xbox One version Destiny 2, which owns the S itself, can make the next-generation upgrade in the platform for free. However, according to Bungee, a considerable number of PS5 users (A Notable Number of) do not upgrade, and they still use the backward compatibility function to play ps4 version destiny 2.

In the version of the PS4/Xbox One generation of this work, although the maximum 4K resolution is compatible, the frame rate is limited to 30 fps. On the other hand, in the PS5/Xbox Series X | S version, the drawing with 60 fps is realized after compatible with 4K resolution (Xbox Series S up to 1080p). Furthermore, a FOR slider is implemented, enabling the same viewing angle customization as the PC version. The load time is also faster. Bungee has been guided to users who have not yet upgraded this time, as they can get these benefits for free.

Bungee points out that a considerable number of PS5 users have not yet upgraded the PS5 version, but not mentioned Xbox Series X | S users. Perhaps the Xbox platform is in a steady upgrade situation. This may be due to the slightly different upgrade method on both platforms.

Xbox Series X | S owns the Xbox One version, and later upgraded when a version optimized for Xbox Series X | S is released automatically. If the automatic update setting is disabled, it will be on the list of updates (Xbox Support). It can be said that the user is upgraded without particular awareness.

On the other hand, when upgrading from the download version for PS4, it will access the PS Store game page and get the PS5 upgrade. In the case of the disk version, select the PS5 upgrade from the game list. In any case, the user’s voluntary operation is required, so it is possible that many users continue to play the PS4 version of this work on PS5 without realizing that the upgrade is provided.

This time, BUNGEE introduces the PlayStation support page that guides you from the PS4 to the PS5 version, and has called for upgrading this work. PS5’s users should check out other titles, not just Destiny 2.

By the way, in this announcement, it is clear that the DLC scheduled to be distributed on February 28, 2023, will be updated for the previous generation console version of Destiny 2 according to the DLC Nightfall. It was d1. In the version for PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One/Xbox One X, the texture in the game is adjusted to reduce memory usage.

This update is to be adjusted for these models so that we can continue to provide new content in the future. It is said that visual deterioration is limited to minimal, and screenshots before and after updates have been released. Please check the page for details.