Black desert online

A large update The Desert of the Beginning appears in the mining sandbox Core Keeper – November 10th distribution

Publishing Games has announced that a large update Desert will appear in Core Keeper in the early access of Steam.

In this update, in addition to the appearance of deserts, new enemies such as Cave Ring Assassin, Bomb Scarab, and Lava Butterfly, new songs will be added, but cooking and recipe books will be improved. In addition, the ability to move large fixed items that the user has requested will be added, and if you do mining damage, you will be able to mined or relocate items.

In addition to these, in collaboration with Corsair’s ICE software, you can synchronize RGB lighting compatible with Corsair devices. As a result, the light of the device will change and a dramatic production will be performed when a confrontation with the boss or a legend weapon is created.


This work is a mining sandbox ADV, and players explore the world that is generated in procedures, such as mining, architecture, and fighting in a lost ancient cave. Since the early access in March 2022, it has exceeded 1 million units sold after the update in June and supports Japanese.

Core Keeper Large Update The Desert of the Beginning will appear on November 10, 2022.