What is Kafrenes ring in Andor? Galaxies War explained

In Episode 9 of Ardor, nobody is listening, the ISB (Imperial Security Office) analyzes the recent information of Supervisor Metro by interrogating people in Ferris. During the discussion, they mention rebel activity in an area called Karen, also known as the Karen ring. But this is not the first time that this location is mentioned in the Star Wars universe, which leaves many fans asking. What is Karen’s ring in Ardor?

The Karen ring is a massive structure that serves as a mining colony, as well as a commercial position in the deep space, which operates as a cross between the Orwellian Trade Spine (which connects it with the planets Coruscate and Ana) and Box Detour (that connects it with the planets Coruscate and Ana). It connects it to the Adana and Alastair planets).

In episode 9, the ISB has a captured pilot who works for the rebel Krieger (the person with whom Lu than asked Saw Herrera to work in episode 8) who was heading to Karen. Metro comes a plan to kill the pilot and let him and his ship approach Karen to be towed to the structure with the hope of getting more information about the rebels without alerting Krieger. This is not the first time that Karen plays a fundamental role in Star Wars.

Where did Karen’s ring mentioned more? Answered

Image Source: Rogue One ~ Lucasfilm

Karen first appeared at Rogue One and is the first appearance of Ardor. Ardor travels to the structure to meet a contact that has information about why the empire was sending Khyber crystals through the galaxy; A contact that Ardor finally kills when the Stormtroopers discover them.

Karen also appeared in the Marvel Comics series, Star Wars 50, which takes place shortly after A New Hope, where Han Sol Transcendent.

This location seems to be a scenario for important events in the last three episodes of Ardor season 1, so it is good to know what Karen’s ring is in Ardor.

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