LOL: Patch Notes 12.21 ings new KSante champion, empire skins and few buffs and nerfs

Patch 12.21 update notes were published on Tuesday (24) by Riot Games.
Expected to enter the League of Legends on Wednesday (2) the patch ings few balancing adjustments considering the major changes that come with the preseason.
The new K’Santa champion arrives in this update to MOB already with an empire skin, which will also have visuals for Pike, Tax, Join, Lux, Vex, Zac and Zed.

Update Summary 12.21 of November 2

New skins : Pike, tax, join, lux, k’Santa, vex, ZAC and zed;
New Champion: K’Santa;
Buffs in Champions: HRI, Pick, Malabar and In Zhao;
nerfs in champions: Be’veto, Blitz crank and Miss Fortune;
Adjustments in Champions: ORAN.


NEW LOL CHAMPION: K’Santa, Nkrumah’s pride

Balancing in Champions in LOL


Champions Buffed in LOL

nervous champions in lol

Adjusted Champions in LOL