[Latest Edition] GAME*Sparks recommended Roboge article! From Front Mission Plamo to Earth Defense Force Co., Ltd.

Pick up recent popular articles from Robot related articles published in GAMESpark! I will introduce it in a ranking format. Robot is a genre that collects hot gazes from core gamers. It was ranked from famous titles to maniac works. Including play repo and interviews, plastic articles are also ranked.

This ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from May 01, 2019, to October 24, 2022 . Please check out the Robot play report, interviews, and special articles that have been picked up from the first year to the present year!

GAMESPARK published Robot article ranking!

15th place Infinite strategy with the combination of aircraft and pilot! Arthur King Legend x Robot Battle ACT GALAHAD 3093 OBT is numb with the Bone [Play Repo]

It’s not for everyone, but the overwhelming martial arts is wonderful! During the period from March 20 to March 28, we deliver OBT patterns that anyone can participate from the Steam store page.


14th place Front Mission plastic model review! Drug edition-Movable and coolness shine even if it is narrow or standing

The third Front Mission plastic model review. This time is Drug.


13th place SF Future Giant Robot Maintenance Works in the World! Much Mechanic Simulator-The fun of disassembly and assembly is here

In this explosive speed play repo, we introduce the maintenance worker in science fiction future Much Me chic Simulator. Let’s develop a giant robot that a 14-year-old boy living in the hearts of young and old and men and women boil.


12th place You are a VR novel game Alters: Beyond Chronic play report!

We will deliver the play repo of the VR adventure Alters: Beyond Chronic full of points that can be felt like a classic beautiful girl novel game, such as Giant Robot SF, Dystopia, Yuri, and Loop.


11th place to sortie! Bipedal walking robot RTS Phantom BRIGADE operated by a strong rigid Robot unit [Explosive Play Report]

In this explosive speed play repo, we introduce the turn-based RTS Phantom Brigade that can enjoy the bone-tender mechanical world.


10th place Front Mission plastic model review! Nam Skull-Che with a massive molding and can withstand rough paint

The first one in the plastic model review Structure Arts is Namsukaru.


9th place Interview I knew that Gun dam was just anime in Kazuhisa Condo is OK.

Finally, we will approach the front mission style SRPG that starts early access.


8th place Megaton class Hisashi attracts customization and action that sticks to the weight of the robot! Satisfied with the play experience that balances exhilaration [Play repo]

Megaton-class Hisashi, which combines both Show retro robot design and responsive actions. Prior to the release, we will deliver the hottest play report.


7th place Front Mission plastic model review! Denis-Sudden’s first plastic model shock [New Year holidays]

Square Enix’s first plastic model development Structure Arts released in November 2020. Pick up Denis from the first three-dimensional version from the Front Mission series!


What does it mean to save the Earth, which collapses and consumes? Earth Defense Force 6 interview [TGS2021]

Unlike the previous series, Earth Defense Force 6 depicts the battle on the collapsed Earth. We asked Producer Okayama why he took this approach.


5th place Mouse keyboard operation is also possible! Iron HARVEST PS5 version is the definitive version of the console machine RTS [Play Report]

Deliver a play report prior to the release! I will tell you the operation feeling that you are worried about.


4th place emergency start Steam robot special feature! Defend your friend and wait for the enemy to release Parody 30.

This time, we will introduce 10 recommended Robot selections to Parody 30. There are some parts that are relatively pushed, but because of this opportunity, I hope you can touch the new one…!


Recommended for beginners in the 3rd place series! 30th Anniversary Simulation RPG Super Robot Wars 30

This time, I would like to deliver the content of the lives about Super Robot Wars 30 distributed on October 28, 2021.


2nd place [Term KAZ’s picture diary] In Super Robot Wars 30, can I choose a mission in my favorite order…!

In the past, Uncle Yeshiva was a bad office worker.


1st place Aims new work is about to be released! Do you know Preset’s idol x robot game Earth Defense Corps?

It is a game full of promises by the gorgeous staff of Akin Jinni and Dakota Kobayashi!


From the world where the smell of smoke is likely to the Super Robot, which saves the world’s struggles, the values of this is a robot! Nevertheless, fighting on a robot is a possible experience because it is a game. Let’s look forward to encountering Robot that tickles your heart in the future.