Blade and soul

The novelist who created the world setting of Elden Ring reveals that he has not played the same work yet. If you get hooked, the new novel is dangerous

Writer George R. R. Martin appeared on a US TV program on October 25 local time. He confessed that he wasn’t playing yet, about his Elden Ring .

Elden Ring is an action RPG designed by From Software. It was released on February 25 this year, and as of August, it recorded a huge hit to sell more than 16.6 million units. This work is a vast open field, while inheriting the game play of the past work such as the Dark Soul series. It is a work that includes many new elements. In addition, George R. R. Martin, who wrote the original novel Song of Ice and Flame, which is the original work of the popular drama Game of Thrones, participated in the production of this work. He is working on a world view supporting the foundation of Elden Ring.

However, Martin, who worked on the basis of Elden Ring, has not been playing this work even more than six months after its release. The person himself revealed in the US CBS television program The Late Show with Stephen Colbert aired on October 25, local time. According to Martin, that’s because everyone wants to read a new novel.

Martin seems to think that he may be too addicted to Elden Ring and may be neglected. He analyzed himself as Totally Addictive Personality. He once said that he was hooked on works such as RailRoad Tycoon and Master of Orion. At that time, he said he was completely immersed in the game for a long period of months. He continued to play a little more, a little more in the red bathrobe, and eventually felt a crisis, I will die as it is.

Martin, taking into account his personality, commented, If you touch the Elden Ring and get hooked, the writing of the Ice and Flame Song series will be delayed. Martin, on the other hand, said on the program that he was very impressed by the finish of the Elden Ring. He said that he has been compliments as the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen and is glad to be able to participate in the development of works that people love.


In addition, the new work The Winds of Winter, which is the sixth part of the Ice and Flame Song series, has been writing for a long time, and although the goal has been told several times about the completion time. Not published. The voices of the fans seeking a new work do not stop, and for Martin, writing is the first top priority. Even if he plays Elden Ring, it will be after the The Winds of Winter is completed.