How to get witch hearts in Bayonetta 3

With any Platinum action game, the goal is not to be beaten in combat, but that is not always possible for us, simple mortals. The most important thing is to make sure not to die in combat, and you can do it with a large HP group. Here is how to get witch hearts in Bayonet ta 3 .

Get witch hearts in Bayonet ta 3

Like lunar pearls, witch hearts can only be achieved by buying them with orbs in Rodin’s store in Bayonet ta 3. You will get orbs naturally by playing just by playing, and you will get even more if you achieve a high score at the end of each verse.

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Visit Rodin’s store between chapters and select items, then move until the end of the list to find Witch Hearts for sale. These are extremely expensive and will start at 30,000 orbs. The more I buy, the more the price will be, so be sure to save for them.

How to use witch hearts

Now that you have a witch’s heart, it’s time to give it good use. Press-to open the character’s menu, then press l o r to move on to your skills.

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In the Bayonet ta or Viola tab, you can press and hold the button A to consume the witch’s heart and increase the maximum vitality of that character. As with Moon Pearls, the Witch Hearts are not shared between both characters. That means you must buy them separately for both characters if you want to update them completely.

That is all you need to know about How to get and use Witch Hearts in Bayonet ta 3 . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.

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