How to unlock another Sil’Dihn Subterrane Criterion dungeon in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV receives many patches and updates that expand the content available in the popular MMO, and the 6.25 patch is no different. He brings many new functions, objects, weapons, events and much more to the game. This includes the Silk’din dungeon, which has many versions, for example, the dungeon of the criterion. This can make you ask how to unlock the SIL’Dion Subterranean Criterion dungeon in the Final Fantasy XIV.

How to access the SIL’Dion Subterranean Criterion dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the Sold’Dion Subterranean Criterion dungeon in FFI, you must first unlocked and also defeated option of the SIL’Dion Subterranean dungeon. This version of the dungeon can be opened by talking with Osman on the Old Charley on coordinates X: 11.9, Y: 13.3. After that, Shall ore Moore, NPC, which will give you the key to the past quest will appear. Perform this task to unlock the dungeon.

In addition to this, you must find some prerequisites to get into the SIL’Dion Subterranean Criterion dungeon. Here are the requirements for unlocking the criteria dungeon of the SIL’din dungeon in FFI.

  • The main quest End walker is completed.
  • Reach the 90th level of the profession.
  • Have an object level 610.


After you completed the key to the past and fulfilled these requirements, you can enter the SIL’Dion Subterranean Criterion dungeon at any time. Be prepared, since this version of the dungeon is more complex and has branched ways for research.

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