How to get the claws of Reun in Fortnite

The latest update Fortnite Nightmares 2022 adds to the basic game many new game functions and items. One of them is the recently added mythical object of Howler Claws. Like any other mythical object, the equipment of the claws of the Regina allows players to get unique abilities, such as a chopping blow, the smell of a wolf and an air blow. To get the legendary item in Fortnite, you need to perform ritual emotion before DJ Like in the Poi Reality Falls, located in the western part of the card.

Where is DJ Lyra in Fortnite?

DJ Lyra is one of the recently added NPC characters in Nightmares. As mentioned earlier, you can find it in the center of the Reality Falls attraction. Use the image below for the exact location of the position.


How to perform a ritual emotion in Fortnite

Finding DJ Lyra, you need to perform a ritual emotion. Stand in front of her on the platform and use the interaction button to start the dance ritual. As soon as you complete the dance ritual, you will immediately get the claws of heroes and a headdress.

All Howler Claws abilities in Fortnite

As soon as the player puts on the claws of the Run, he will be able to use all the abilities listed below.

Wolf smell *: howl to activate this ability. After activation, players can track any players nearby, putting a mark on them. If there are no players, the ability will go to reload.
slash : Use the Slash ability to perform hand-to-hand attack of four combos.
Air blow : Use Air Slash to make a double jump that causes damage to enemies when landing on them.

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