Myeongil Ark Online Music Concert October 30th

Hypertrophy announced on the 30th that it will hold ‘Zambians Kinesthesia 2022-Low Along Young’, an annual concert of its mobile defense RPG .

Zambians Inertia is a cinematic live concert series of ‘Mongol Ark’.

In particular, ahead of the concert, Japanese anime song singer LEONA was released to deliver a greeting to the ‘Mongol Ark’ users.

‘LEONA’ is also familiar to Korean users by singing ‘Untitled World’, the first anniversary of ‘Mongol Ark’, and will be able to enjoy ‘Untitled World’ by Leona at the 30th concert.

At the same time, it was attracting attention by delivering an invitation to introduce information such as the date and time of the concert.

‘Mongol Ark Zambians Kinesthesia 2022-Deung Jung Young’ will be held online streaming from 9:30 pm on the 30th and will be available on Twitter and YouTube channels.

More details can be found on the official Twitter and YouTube.