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The duration of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is revealed

Despite suffering multiple delays, Marvel’s Midnight Suns remains one of the most anticipated games by the end of this year. As we approach its launch date, more and more information about this delivery has come to light, and On this occasion it has been revealed how long this title will take us .

In a recent transmission, Jake Solomon, creative director, and Garth Angeles, producer, have revealed that finish marvel’s Midnight suns will take us about 50 hours , although you do decide to go as quickly, you could reach the final credits in Only 40. Next to this, we must add the additional time that we can find with all the additional content, which they say is enough.

During their talk, Solomon and Angeles pointed out that some of the people who are testing the game have taken up to 80 hours to reach the end carrying out all additional content. Without a doubt, a huge amount that many did not expect.


Marvel’s Midnight suns_ will arrive in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on December 2 . In related issues, these are the special editions of the game. Similarly, here you can check our interview with the title director.

Editor’s note:

Considering the strategy games that we have seen this year, 50 hours look like a little above the standard. However, it seems that this will be the adventure that Marvel fans have been waiting for a while.