Twitter would have a new function to avoid being mentioned

In these days Twitter has released several betas of new functions such as adding more than two videos in a publication, the mix of media on tweets and the long-awaited edition to correct those grammatical errors. And now, the implementation of an option that users have been asking for many years in the past has been detected.

The user Jane Manchu Wong, mentioned that she was already working in a function that avoids being mentioned, that is above all for users that you are not following and that they do not follow you either. Something that would be relief for some entertainment artists or simply for public figures that do not like to receive so many notifications in a row.

For now, only some users are testing this function, that does not guarantee that in the end the Twitter platform is added, since many other options have been discarded. However, it would be interesting for the presidents of the company to be decided to add it in the coming months.


Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: Without a doubt this option would be very useful, especially for those who do not like to be labeled.