Harajin collaboration goods for collaboration goods are strictly careful about the leftovers. On the other hand, there is also a business structure that can create leftovers.

On September 30, the food chain sweets paradise was strictly careful about the fact that the leftovers for collaboration goods for Hardin were occurring on the official Twitter account. After the name Customer using collaboration, he commented, Please refrain from ordering an unreachable amount. If there are many left-handed foods, we may return the benefits, he said.

In Hardin, the third collaboration café with Sweets Paradise has been developing since September 28, Hardin x Sweets PARADISE-Sakura Mai Mitsuki-. With the theme of the lightning region, the menu novelty original goods are provided that recreates familiar dishes in the work, according to the lightning world view and character image. Set meals, open, upon, etc. appear, and menus like lightning are lined up. In addition, goods and campaigns are also available, so you can experience collaboration cafés at 10 stores. However, how to use this café was partially regarded. This was pointed out that the remains of the passengers.

Twitter user Longbow reported on September 28 that some users leave a large amount of food at Sweets Paradise stores. He pointed out while posting evidence photos. He also said that the table was also ordered after returning and that the clerk on the spot was in trouble. Longbow also stated in a subsequent report that the photo was not taken at the timing of when he happened to remove the seat. It was attracting attention on SNS, saying that this remaining act was a hood loss and bad manners.


It was said that this was held at Sui Para Nagoya Spiral Towers store. The store manager commented on J-CAST that he was aware that he had done so. Although most customers have good manners, they say that there are occasional people who eat a lot, and they want to stop doing so. It was also said that the check system will be strengthened in the future.

Sweets Paradise itself holds a collaboration café frequently, so there is a know-how in these collaboration developments. Therefore, various regulations are set. For example, this Hardin collaboration menu is limited to eight food desserts and 8 items for drinks. In addition, there is a limit on purchasing goods, and only one accounting per customer. The upper limit for all goods is also set.

Nevertheless, in this collaboration, a mechanism that has been geisha has been introduced. Because one of the paper luncheon mats that can be obtained in the collaboration menu order, a collaboration food & dessert menu 1 order One-handed character coaster, one piece of collaboration drink menu, one piece of collaboration drink menu one piece Chili character coasters available are randomly distributed from among multiple species. There are two types of paper luncheon mat, but there are 16 kinds of life character coasters and 17 kinds of little character coasters.

The collaboration café has a limited period of one month, but it is said that the number is limited, and there are many types of coasters. It is easy to imagine that there will be people who neglect food and drinks and order in large quantities in order to get the character you want. These goods tend to be rampant. Due to the high level of difficulty of obtaining goods, it is a system that tends to increase the number of menu orders for goods, and the structure is easy to leave.

The mechanism of randomly obtained when ordering a collaboration menu is often introduced in IP collaborations in Sweets Paradise. The most recent sweets’ paradise collaboration offers similar random distribution goods for almost all. You will often see similar campaigns in other chains. It is not limited to the Hardin collaboration and sweets paradise. This time, it was just a corner of the iceberg, just because the user posted on-site photos, which was a big problem.

The geisha system, as well as in-game items and goods, can lead to social problems called food loss if food is related. Some collaboration cafés have introduced a system that prevents loss by giving meals to the clerk (collaboration café summary). In preventing recurrence, it is necessary to raise not only personal morals and measures on the store, but also a problem of commercial structure that can induce food and drinks as a whole.

Hardin x Sweets PARADISE-Sakura Mai Mans ho- is being implemented until October 31. Please refer to the official website for the implementation stores.