Splatoon 3: The 5 best weapons in the game

Our weapon guide for Platoon 3 shows you:

  • An overview of the currently the strongest weapons
  • The best secondary weapons
  • The best special weapons

In Platoon 3 there are countless weapons with which you can let off steam in the multiplayer matches. From fast blasters , miniguns and sniper rifles , to wallpaper rollers , brushes and the new Sultanas . With every level climb, you get a voucher that you can exchange for a new weapon at the weapon dealer.

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Best all-rounder: Lesser

Bankable from: * level 2
secondary weapon: adhesive bomb
Special weapon: Arizona

The blob is one of the best weapons at all and can be purchased immediately after your first step climb to level 2. The quick-fire rifle is the perfect all-rounder and very easy to use.

secondary weapon

The adhesive bomb is a grenade that sticks to surfaces and explodes after a few seconds. You can use the bomb offensive and defensively to defend important points on the map. The adhesive bomb is also ideal for coloring the arena.

special weapon

The Arizona is an enormously strong rocket launcher. If you activate your special weapon, there are three rockets with a large sprinkler. With these you can catch several opponents at once and color large parts of the card.

Schnellfeuer tip: N-ZAP85

Bankable from: * level 6
secondary weapon: adhesive bomb
Special weapon: Track tank

The design of the N-ZAP8 is undoubtedly based on the Light Gun from Nintendo. The quick firearm not only draws historical parallels, but also dominates in multiplayer with its enormously high rate of fire .

secondary weapon

How the adhesive bomb works, we have already described you at the blob. If you play with the N-ZAP85, you can also use the adhesive bomb excellently for the defense of your bag tanks.

special weapon

The Track tank is a support capacity that strengthens the entire team. Each group member can snap one of the four drinks.

The drinks give the following bonuses:

  • Increase in running speed
  • Increase in swimming speed
  • Reduction of respawn time
  • Less specialty loss in death

the best range: drum swapped

Bankable from: * level 14
secondary weapon: sparkling bomb
Special weapon: Cool ball

The drum swapped is a big bucket with which you shoot your ink in a straight line in front of you. The swapped has a high range and causes a lot of damage, but has a slower fire rate.

secondary weapon

The sparkling bomb can be charged before the throw by shaking either your controller or the Joycon. You can charge the sparkling bomb up to twice. Each charge ensures further detonation. So you can have the sparkling bomb detonated three times.

special weapon

The cool ball is a huge ink bomb that covers a gigantic area. If you activate the cool ball, you have to charge it first by pressing the lower arrow key several times. Afterwards you throw the bomb by pressing the R-button.

Best precision: fine-disperser

Bankable from: * Level 16
secondary weapon: Insta-bomb
Special weapon: crab armor

The fine-disperser is a quick firearm with a ** high rate of fire and low scatter.

secondary weapon

As the name suggests, the Instagram bomb explodes immediately after its serve. Due to the low ink costs, the Instagram bomb can often be used than other secondary weapons.

special weapon

If the special bar is full, you can swing in a crab armor for a short time. Keep the ZR button for quick shots and press the R button to fire the large cannon. Fits that the opponents don’t fall in the back. The weak point of the tank lies here.

the best melee weapon: Flex scooter

Bankable from: * level 20
secondary weapon: ink mine
Special weapon: swarm rocket

The Flex Roller is a strong melee weapon that causes a lot of damage. Like every scooter, the flex scooter is also ideal for quickly coloring the floor. The longer you hold the attack button, the faster you run.

secondary weapon

If opponents come to the radius of your ink mine , detonate the mine, cause damage and mark the opponent.
Only two mines can always be active.
If you place a new mine, the first mine automatically explodes.
The mines are perfect for defending key points.


special weapon

With the swarm rockets , several opponents can be switched off at once.
If you activate the rockets, you first have to mark the opponents.
If you press the button again, the rockets automatically fly to the marked goals.
The special weapon is easy to use and ensures guaranteed kills.
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