[Interview] Iron Sauce, a difficult app, will help you

If you are an app revenue strategy, you can find two main things. The first is in-app payment. It’s a way for almost all apps and games to sell by selling products in the app. The second is an advertising revenue that is surprisingly overlooked. It helps users to get additional profits through advertising in a way for unpaid users. This advertising revenue is important for the know-how of the company that provides solutions.

Some companies that offer this mediation platform are building a leading position. Iron sauce is the main character. 88%of the top 100 games in the US used iron sauce platforms. The iron sauce established a Korean branch in July and began to work in Korea in earnest. I met with Kim Season about what Iron Sauce is doing to support app developers’ successful app business.

■ Iron Sauce ‘Level Play’-The core is ‘expansion’ and ‘profits’
Q. Prior to the full-fledged interview, please introduce a brief introduction to what kind of company is and what you do.

= In simple terms, you can help you to grow into a successful business, including games and other apps. The growth here can be explained in two categories, the first is the expansion. For example, many developers are worried about how to secure users and increase more users after the game is released.

If so, if the number of users has increased, then the next strategy is needed. This is the part of how to commercialize. Depending on the genre of the game and the characteristics of each country or region, the billing tendency is different. Our service platform analyzes all of them and presents the optimal monetization model in that app.

In summary, if a developer creates a game, Iron Sauce provides a comprehensive service that helps the game to grow further.

** Q. It was called a monetization model.

= There are two ways. It’s an advertising revenue for in-app payment and unpaid users. Among them, what we concentrate on is advertising revenue. For example, a casual game uses our platform. The increase in the number of users is not unconditionally leading to profits. Casual games have a low need for billing and the cost of billing is low, so the number of users does not lead to an increase in in-app payment.

That’s why you need a way to get profits from unpaid users. That’s an advertising revenue. If you look at the banner advertisement or advertisement, you can see that the users benefit from the advertisement, and the developer provides a service platform that allows developers to earn additional profits through advertising revenue.

** Q. If you listen to the explanation, you can increase the user and get an additional advertising revenue.

= It is not at all. ‘Level Play’, an iron sauce’s mediation platform, can be used with simple operation. And there are many options. If you want to increase the user, you can sprinkle with a lot of advertisements, and if you want to increase the user, and if you want to focus on charging users, it advertises to users or communities with high charges. It also provides solutions to increase the remaining rate through advertising. There may be a step that is no longer able to do it with no charge. In that case, the advertisement provides items to increase the residual rate by providing items. In fact, it means that you can easily manage the profitable strategy with just one level play.

Q. Increasing the residual rate is to know which stage, which stage of the user, is to analyze data.

= App Analytics is a solution that analyzes various data such as full revenue, user germination, and level completion rate through play time, advertising and in-app purchases. If you use this, you can see what users are leaving and are blocked, so it’s possible to make a variety of strategies.

** Q. I said that Iron Sauce is the core of expanding and profitable.

= Once you need to figure out what genre it is. Different games have different genres, and accordingly, users’ tendencies are different. For example, if it’s a casual game, it’s important to show that hyper casuals are especially as broad as possible. Rather than targeting certain countries and regions, they advertise in almost all areas. If so, if the user has increased to some extent, then it will go to the method of monetization.

In monetization, we first investigate the priority app payment rate. Naturally, there are countries with active in-app payments, while others are slow. Korea is active. This is not the end. The ratio of users by country is also an important factor. There are 1 million Southeast Asian users, and only 1%of these payments and 10%of the 200,000 US users pay 10%. In this case, you can advertise more in the United States, while providing rewarded advertisements to Southeast Asian users to make advertising money. In this way, we collect various data and make strategies.

Q. Big data is usually required to advertise specialized for each user. I have heard that Apple has had a difficult time in using big data as it introduced ATT. Representatively, the meta has been hit hard, but I wonder what Iron sauce is.

= Iron sauce is not a way of collecting and analyzing such a typical user data from the beginning, so the influence of the introduction of apps and transparency policies is extremely low. It is usually called a user-based analysis that collects such a way, and we are taking a method of analyzing it as an app instead of collecting and analyzing users’ data in that way.

For example, there is an app called A and B, and when you advertise A on B, you see how interested the users are. As we have the know-how we have accumulated and have our own competitiveness, the introduction of this app is a great help for us.

Q. I wonder how it will be a game advertisement through ‘level play’. Is it a 30-second advertising menu in the payment menu?

= Various. As asked, the advertisement is a reward advertisement, from the advertisement that gives jam or item to the banner advertisement through a small banner at the bottom of the screen, and the advertisement that floats when the stage is cleared. It has a variety of advertisements as much as the genre and features of the game. As mentioned earlier, if you simply use a banner advertisement, you can use a banner ad, and if you often leave a certain stage, you can use rewarded ads to avoid leaving.

Q. What is the most important thing about the MIDST platform.

= I think it’s an app beading method. In the past, the platform users had to check how to manage advertising and how to apply them to the unit price, but now they are released in real-time beading and requesting advertising sources to bid for each advertising exposure at the same time. It is automated. That’s what happened in just one year, so it’s easy to access advertising. I think this will be more comfortable and more efficient in the future.

Q. In fact, this mediation platform will be used for large game companies, but it might be more necessary for small and medium-sized game companies. However, should I say a mid-sized game? I don’t know how much it is. One user may not know how to approach small-scale game companies or indie game companies. There is also a prejudice that it will be complicated. How do I do this?

= In fact, it is not difficult to collaborate with us. If you want to use our platform, we will provide various consulting on how to use ‘Level Play’. Among the global network services, you can only contact us from personnel to service infrastructure.

And it’s simply a mediation platform, so there are some people who think it’s over and over. In some ways, it may be the advantage of iron sauce and different from other platforms. Our purpose is to make the app using our platform, so we provide a variety of services at a transparent and neutral point of view. So I hope you don’t think too hard.

■ Publishing to monetization in one shot with iron sauce solution!
Q. I am wondering if it provides other services other than ‘level play’, a mid-edition platform.

= We offer a variety of services and solutions, and if you are a solution for small developers, you can see ‘Super Sonic’, a publishing solution. It has been a formal launch for about two years and has published a total of 50 games so far. The cumulative downloads of the games have surpassed 2 billion times, and in the last quarter, we have achieved the first place in the global publisher download. If you have a developer who is aiming to enter the global market, I think it’s a good choice to join ‘Supersonic’.