Detective Pikachu 2 is close to its launch, according to the LinkedIn of a developer

Jonathan Murphy, a game programmer and developer who works for Creatures Inc (creators of the detective Pikachu of 3DS), has confirmed that Detective Pikachu 2 is close to its launch. This news, discovered by a Bombards user, has revealed it through his LinkedIn’s, where he has also confirmed that he is working in a game still to announce.

At the moment, yes, neither The Pokémon Company nor Nintendo have revealed any release date, although it seems clear that there should not be much to meet it officially. The last thing we knew, they tell us from VGC, it is news that came in February of this year, which came to reaffirm that the title of Creatures was still in development.

Detective Pikachu’s sequel was announced during the Pokémon Press Conference in 2019 seen the enormous success that the film launched in that same year had had, which had left the fans wanting more. Although the original came only to Nintendo 3DS, they already warned that their sequel would reach Nintendo Switch to conclude the story and solve the cliffhanger that left its predecessor. However, although they already said that the details of the game are still a mystery and urged the community to be aware of new updates, since then they have not given us more details about the title.

My partner Marta Trivia had the opportunity to talk about Detective Pikachu in her day, when she recognized a Nintendo making a different bet whose result was a quiet, positive and humor game. Here you can take a look at the original text that served as an analysis of the game, with Pikachu himself telling us about his exciting trip.