New Varapalo Al Sony Spider Hall: Madame Web and Kraven The Hunter are delayed

New dates dance for the next premieres of Sony with Marvel part of his so-called cinematographic universe of Spider-Man characters. So much so, that after the fico of Möbius both at the box office and in criticism, it seems that Sony Pictures wants to take things more calmly and h rethought the calendar of his next antihero films. And those directly affected are Madame Web and Raven the hunter , whose dates have been delayed between 2023 and 2024.

Sony Spider Hall will have to wait; a little more

Thus, Madame Web , the film starring Dakota Johnson , will present us the origins of a character that in the comics is a mentor of Spider-Man, with psychic powers and the possibility of traveling between universes. The film also h names such Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott and Emma Roberts under the direction of S.J. Clarkson. And what is your new relee date? At first, Madame Web had to reach theaters in July 2023, although he later jumped to October of the same year; Finally, February 16, 2024 ** will be releed, almost a year after its original date.

On the other hand, Raven the hunter , a film that presents us to Aaron Taylor-Johnson like the cunning bet hunter with Spider-Man (although it seems that Sony’s approach is quite different) From January 13, 2023, to October 6, 2023 , more than half a year late, exchanging the premiere order with the Madame Web film. Change plans at Sony Spider Hall?

a curiosity, a movie without Marvel and Sony title h marked a relee date on July 12, 2024 ; It is already pointed out to be Venom 3 or even the dead , the film starring Bad Bunny . Recall that Spider-Man: Crossing the multiverse , the sequel to Sony’s great animated success with the Spider verse the main axis of its plot, it remains on date to June 2, 2023 **, with its sequel planned for 2024.