The best set of gigalite movements in Pokemon Go

Kigali was available in Pokémon Go for a long time, but only recently attracted attention. Pokémon was widely represented at the event Community Day in September 2022, at which its preliminary evolution, Roggenrollah, was presented. Players were able to catch a brilliant version of this Pokémon with bright blue crystals and a dark body.

The best gigaliter techniques in Pokémon Go

Gigabit is the only stone type Pokémon. This gives him several weaknesses and resistance, and also means that it has an enlarged Stab bonus for a rock type. Usually this means that this type is best suited for both charged and quick attacks, but Gigabit has access to some impressive techniques that make it a little different in battle. The best techniques for equipping this Pokémon for any copy can be found below.

Note : moves with an asterisk (*) receive a bonus from an attack of the same type (STAB) and inflict increased damage.

The best attacking gigaliter techniques

Best Gigaliter Protective Techniques

All possible gigaliter movements in Pokémon Go

Fast attacks

charged attacks


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