How to get the Riiswalker Iron Banner shotgun in Destiny 2 and what is God Roll?

Iron Banner has finally returned to Destiny 2 for Season of Plunder. In addition to a new game mode, Eruption Clash, there is also the return of armor and exclusive weapons of Iron Banner. One of which is a weapon that has continued to dominate the crucible for several seasons, the Racewalker shotgun. So today, let’s talk How to get the Racewalker shotgun, as well as what is God roll.

How to get Racewalker in Destiny 2

How to get Racewalker in Destiny 2

* Star and compete in Iron Banner.

To get your own copy of Racewalker, you must play the outstanding game mode Iron Banner and win reputation points. You also have a small chance of winning one at the end of each game.

* Range up and earn iron grease

He continues to win reputation points until his range increases. When climbing, he returns to Saladin and claims an iron hook from him.

* Focus iron greases for a better roll.

After claiming an iron hook, you can now concentrate on your engram and buy more copies of Racewalker until you reach the run you want. However, you must have won at least one Racewalker before buying one from Lord Saladin.

What is God Roll for Racewalker?

There are some notable combos of advantages that can turn Racewalker into a first level weapon. But of course, each weapon must have the best roll. According to Light.GG, the pair of best qualified benefits considered the God roll for the weapon is surplus and iron scope . Surplus provides greater management, recharge speed and stability for each completely loaded skill, while Iron Reach greatly improves the scope of the weapon at the expense of the stability of the weapon. This combination of advantages allows the weapon to have a higher scope and driving statistics than most game shotguns. It is not surprising that he has dominated the crucible for several seasons.

Can you create Racewalker?

Unfortunately, No, you cannot manufacture it at this time. This also applies to all other weapons of the iron banner. However, Bungee has said on a previous Tab that there could be a possibility in a future season that Iron Banner’s weapons become manufactured. As long as they become craft in the future, we will make sure to update it with the information.

That is all you need to know about How to get Racewalker in Destiny 2. to get more related information and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what is coming in the universe, see our articles related below.

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