The Japanese stage title that appeared Ninja has also jumped out! Assassins Creed BRAND SHOWCASE that tells the beginning of the new era

Bias Soft, which is not pressed or pressed, celebrated its 15th anniversary since its first release in 2007. A precise proof of a historian as an advisor, a vast city where you can enjoy sightseeing, and a conspiracy play that goes on a background of historical facts. The construction that makes historical fans groan is unrivaled.

Finally, the new unveiled Assassin S Cred BRAND SHOWCASE has been released in Ubisoft Forward 2022. Starting with Mirage, a new starting point of the series, we will introduce the contents of multiple works one after another.

Go to Baghdad Daddy, which is the origin of the origin and new departure! Assassin’s Creed Mirage drawn by a young passim

The 15th anniversary commemorative work, Mirage, advocates a tribute to the works so far, and is the concept of returning to the origin to the initial work, including the first generation. The story line returns from the opening to the linear, and although there are options, it follows a clear streak throughout.

This work depicts Ba shim’s adolescence that appeared in Valhalla, and Ba shim, who was just a bandit in a downtown area, met a hidden person. It is a story that traces the process of growing as Assassin through involvement.

The stage was set in 861, Bagdaddadard (Baghdad), the capital of the Abbas Dynasty Islamic Empire. The gorgeous Arabesque building reminds me of the first Assassin’s Creed.
From the northern Africa to the western part of India, the Abbas Dynasty at the time connected the east and west, and there was a richness of various cultures. Contrary to Europe in the dark era, he reigned as a champion of the underground world in all aspects, culture, knowledge, trade, and all aspects. However, rebellion continues in various places, and it is a time when it is about to decline.

861 is the year when the tenth caliph (the highest leader) Murasaki was assassinated. For 10 years from here to 870, we will enter the bloody era of 5 caliphs = killing. A glorious Arabesque city, and a plot that unfolds behind it. Looking at the cause of the death in history, the Assassin’s religion is just something that seems to be really likely, and it is unscrupulous but interesting.

In terms of system, he focuses on the three pillars, the core of the series, such as stealth, parkour, and assassination, and experiences the initial sense of play with current technology. Ba shim is particularly good at wisdom and quickness among assassin, and has the ability to assassinate multiple enemies from blowing arrows, land mines, and slow motion. It seems that Hidden Blade, whose presence has been weak recently, will come back to the leading role.

Ba shim’s buddy is the Seas of Eskimo. Gilgamesh’s buddy comes from Gilgamesh epic. The importance of reconnaissance is increasing in this work that makes full use of stealth, but the enemy archers are trying to shoot down mercilessly. If you are shot, you will not be able to reconnaissance, and you need to give priority to the exclusion of archers.

The scope of the map is a close-up area from Madina-Assema (meaning in a peace city) surrounded by walls to a narrow area on the west coast of the Tigris River, from the Calf area in the south. It seems to be a city with a density close to a real scale different from the latest work. The urban area is designed to fully demonstrate the newly designed Parkour.

In addition, the legends that appear in the actual historical fact, and the Alamo Castle (the eagle nest), which became the starting point of Again’s Creed, will appear again! What does Ba shim do in this place where Altile grows later?

Bordeaux Studio, who was in charge of DLC’s Fluid’s Anger in Sahara, will lead the development. Kit and Data are also participating on the size of the eight studios, including Montreal. The release is scheduled for 2023.

AOL’s journey is finally completed-Valhalla final DLC THE LAST CHAPTER

The DLC of Sahara, which has been continuously added since the launch of November 2020, is finally the end. In the teaser trailer, Odin and AOL are lined up, exchanging words of parting and departure. It is likely to be a total financial content that the people you have met so far will gather. The release is scheduled for 2022.

Equipped with a character crate, the Chinese Qin Dynasty Code name Jade

This is an open world style set in the Qin Dynasty, which is building a Great Wall of the Mali in China in 215 BC. You can create your favorite assassin by character creation. This is a mobile work.

Shinobi Prospects! Code name Red is set in Japan, a long-awaited Japanese-long title.

The next RPG style flagship work set in the Japanese feudal era has been announced. There is only Feudal (feudal era), and the specific age is unknown. However, on the left side of the video is a four-layer castle tower? There is a building that seems to be after the Warring States period.

The artwork, which has been announced so far, seems to have an Assassin cult in Japan, but the series still has been a rumor that I will not set up Japan for many years. It can be said that the dream of the series fans has finally come true. The work is led by Quebec Studio of Odyssey.

Is Assassin a witch? CODE-NAME HERE wrapped in mystery


The trailer, which was unveiled as a further surprise, has an unprecedented clastic atmosphere, shaking in a dim forest, a symbol of the cult-made cult and the magic team of eight-pointed stars. Here refers to witch in German, and the content is not particularly revealed. Let’s look forward to the follow-up.

Another important thing in the announced content is that the previously announced Infinity functions as a hub that connects Sakura universe and player. It seems that the revival of the multiplayer function starts from Infinity.

In addition, live-action in Netflix is now in the early stages, but it has been decided to provide works for Netflix games. In addition, the Montreal in Valhalla was once separated from Sakura and was revealed that he was developing a new flagship work.

Assassin‘ S Creed Brand Showcase has a total of five large volume. While we are worried about whether the player’s pace will catch up with this rush, we’ll first raise the joy of the fact that we have finally turned to Japan.