LOL – Worlds 2022: Riots historical rule change that can cause an event never seen

The Worlds of League of Legends represent a true institution. For some, it is even the largest electronic sports event of the year, with its history and traditions. But, nevertheless, do not believe that everything is made of marble and that there are regular changes with respect to the tournament. Recently, we were able to discover the new version of Core . Not only were they convinced, but the new design is much more modern. It remains to be seen if you will gain respect over time.

Another small disorder could occur. The draw of the play-in and the main event will take place after the finals of the LCS on Sunday and this year, Riot Games decided to change a rule that, however, was historical. For the curious, this is the rule that prevents the same region from having two teams in the same pool.

What led the organizers to change the rule?


Actually, the organizers had no choice… Since 2014, the World Cups have adopted a format that has not really changed and operates with two immutable rules:

A Seeds system that protects large fish
A regional system that prevents the same region from having two representatives from the beginning of the tournament. This rule avoids fratricidal struggles and offers more international confrontations, which is the very essence of Worlds. What is the point of seeing a Chinese party vs. China, when it is enough to see the LPL?

But it is possible that this second rule cannot be held this year. Russia could not reach the World Championship due to the dispute and its position fell to Europe . In the main event and depending on the results of the Play-in, we could end 4 LCK teams, 4 LPL teams and 4 LEC teams. It reduces the suspense and above all makes the tie impossible, if we respect the two historical rules… therefore, Riot had to find a solution to avoid a scandal.

The solution: a theoretical and temporary rule change

Riot Games could have simplified and revolutionized everything by eliminating the rule that protects the teams of the same region. But instead of changing everything, the organizers decided to add a rule that refers only to Europe, since it is the region with which the problem has appeared. If our two qualified representatives for the Play-in arrive at the main event, The Seed 4 (MAD Lions) will be considered a team of the Comedian region . It can be placed in the same group as G2, Fanatic or Rogue. Obviously, this does not suit us, but otherwise we are in a dead end.

However, we could never fall into this situation, since it is likely that this year’s level of the play is very high, and we do not have the assurance that our two representatives pass this phase. In addition, it should be remembered that Russia should not miss the World Cup every year. The current situation is out of the common and if the rule had to be changed by 2022, we can expect a return to normal next year.