Fortnite: When does the next season 4 come out? We tell you everything we know so far

Fortnite’s vibin season is coming to an end! What means that we will soon be preparing for a new season! In the game, in the Pas Battle menu, he says that Season 3 of Chapter 3 will end this Saturday, September 17.

In fact, season 4 should start the next day, that is , on Sunday, September 18 . Since the beginning of Chapter 3, Epic Games liked to inaugurate his seasons on Sundays. And it is not to dislike, because if we leave aside the traditional concerns of the servers, it is the best day of the week to embark on a new chapter of the Battle Royale in peace.

What time is chapter 3 season 4?

At the time of writing this article, Epic Games has not revealed the exact time of the beginning of the maintenance or implementation of the next patch of season 4. However, the editor has the habit of starting its great maintenance in the morning, so that the game available around noon.

Therefore, so much, we can expect to be able to launch the first parts of season 4 on Sunday, September 18 around noon **. All this must be taken with tweezers, of course, especially because Epic Games likes to surprise us, with live events, temporary disappearances of the game, etc. So we will be attentive while we wait for official information!

A tradition that begins to take shape

Epic has not yet begun its official progress of the next season, but several reliable leaks have already appeared. A particular image was news in Reddit, where you can see the paradigm hand submerged in a dark liquid (possibly oil?)

Fine game analysts have made the connection between this drowned hand and Malik’s shield, one of the charismatic characters in the battle pass of the current season .


If everything seems to go according to the channel that seems, during season 4 it seems that we will meet this great villain that manipulates this black liquid at the craving of him.