[BIC 2022] What do you think jazz is?

La La Land is a musical film about the loving of the stubborn jazz pianist in Los Angeles, California and the actor aspiring of Hollywood. The mobile game Florence is a story about a farewell from a cellist and an aspiring aspirant. I remembered the two works I introduced earlier after seeing Blue Wen’s Day at the Busan Indie Connect Festival (BIC).

Blue Wen’s Day is a new work of buff studio, famous for Seven Days. Buff Studio has been developing games around mobile games. Even though the game has been ported to other platforms such as PCs and consoles, it is the first case developed as a PC and console game from the development stage. Buff Studio has begun to develop Blue Wenz Day since November last year and unveiled its first playable build at BIC.

Four people have been put in the game development, and teams consisting of two programmers, one art, and one planning are making the game. Among them, I met with Kim Hye-gyeom and heard about the game. He introduced Blue Wen’s Day as a story adventure game with rhythm and puzzle elements. The main story is about 3 hours, and if you include the side story, the entire play time is about 4-5 hours.

To sum up the story of the game, Morris, a jazz pianist who released an album a few years ago, is a supermarket cashier. One day when the repeated daily life is exhausted, Morris sees the job announcement of the jazz bar buzz, and goes straight. Maurice meets the saxophonist Angela. Blue Wen’s Day is a game of what the two people will have.

The background of the game is Evans City, which is associated with New York, and New York is known as a mecca of jazz along with New Orleans. The Blue Note, known as the world’s best jazz club, is in New York. New York is a place where players like Morris and Angela are actually gathering as a jazz musician. The naming of Evans City also feels a marvel of legendary player Bill Evans?


In BIC, you can experience up to 4 chapters of Blue Wen’s Day. It’s a bit long to experience at the game show, but in the online exhibition, which is going to be the end of this month, you can play the game with a calm tempo. Blue Wen’s Day, which I met on-site, showed Morris practicing the piano according to the rhythm, adjusting the water temperature during the bath, and matching a simple puzzle.

Blue Wen’s Day, experienced by the reporter, felt ‘blue’ in the conversation with Morris’s monologue, and it seemed to have a lot of balls in psychological descriptions. In addition, I liked the jazz selection that fits the atmosphere, and it is said to have composed all 20 songs of the demo version in Buff Studio. Cartoon-style graphics, which are seen in the previous works of the studio, are fun to add pastel tones.

Blue Wen’s Day is being developed in November with the goal of Steam Early Access. We are preparing to play games on PCs as well as consoles. Kim Do-hyung said, We will open the tumblebucks of in September. The reporter’s demo seemed to be worth supporting enough.