[Column] I apologized. Things that still make Umamusume fans still angry

At the dawn of September 3rd, Cho Kye-hyun, CEO of Kakao Games, left an apology through the official community in connection with the recent issue of Umamus Me Pretty Derby.

In this regard, the apologies for a series of issues and to strengthen communication with customers, while describing the information on the payment of goods, the delay of update notice, and the future improvement of localization.


☞ Link: This is Kakao Games CEO Cho Gye-hyun. I sincerely apologize to Umamusume customers.

☞ Link: Announcement of DCINSIDE Deputy General Assistance on the Notice

Apologies have already been raised several times, and eventually summoned. However, Umamus Me Translelers are still dissatisfied with the game company’s response. On the contrary, the apology may be more disappointed by the apology.

Why aren’t the issues calm down even though the repeated apology and delayed goods were paid? I would like to summarize the issues.

In terms of the beginning of this issue, Taiki Shuttle, a model of the characters that appeared in Umamusme, died on the 18th of last month, and among the trains, the goods compensation was less than the service on the Japanese server during the same period during the same period. It can be said to be the beginning.

In addition, accumulated in the pick-up process of Kitasan Black ▲ Notice that always posted just before the update ▲ damages that may occur over the check time of the game. Dissatisfaction with the poor operation of and the equity of the Japanese server, including the expiration date of the SSR confirmed ticket, and the Japanese server have become a critical point.

In the end, the explosion of this situation was to announce the announcement of the Champions Meeting, the core and end content of the game next week. Due to the nature of the game, no matter how short it is to foster a character, it takes more than 2-30 minutes, and the development direction and argument options rely on randomly, so even if the conditions are known, there are no detailed guidance regarding the content that can be short for 3 weeks. ** This is the condition of the stadium, so prepare for the next week.

Eventually, as the movement began in Pangyo, the movement began in earnest on September 1, and the issue was raised, and the issue was increasing, and the issue was increasing.

The problem is that these repeated apples are the ones that trainers only ring without stalls. Even though the beginning is right from the equity of the goods payment. However, there were no questions such as the payment of goods and pickup schedules in the form of inducing charging, and there was nothing cool, and the explanation of most issues consultation with the original company, There were many people who mentioned that the publisher felt as if he was putting the original writer as a shield.

In addition, it may not be very important in terms of game, such as translation and push notifications, but it is repeated to the facts that can be regarded as important from the point of view of the subculture fans. It is also pointed out that the situation is to have to suffer inconvenience without any compensation.

In addition, there are many elements to be mentioned, but most of all, the dissatisfaction of the trainer is that communication is shouting, but all communication is a single direction so far. In the past, as you can see from the Fate Grand Order crisis and the bobo issue of Maple Story, the truly communication is true that users and game companies have a ** meeting. The way game company’s communication method in Umamusume is that there is no one other than the one-sided announcement.

Trainers want to comment hard on these announcements and reflect their opinions, but the contents of the announcement make us think that their opinions will be an empty echo. This is also a reason why it is more eager to compare with the operation of the Princess Connect Limide, which is being serviced by Kakao Games.

Of course, as mentioned in the notice, games and operations may be improved in a better direction. However, it is true that the trainers doubt that such stories are sincere because of their appearance. The number of compensation jewel 5700 mentioned in the apology notice is not to comp an trainer to the number of readers in the web novels , ** Is this the issue simply because of dissatisfaction with the payment of goods. To lead to an issue.

As the shepherd’s fables, trust is a vicious cycle of catastrophe. If Kakao Games wants to convey sincerity to the trainers, I think it’s not just a notice as it is, but it’s a step to communicate more active and interacts.